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Sterling Management Consulting Services, Inc., is a full service Asset Management firm. We specialize in Commercial, Recreational Business, & Self Storage Management.

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    Office, Industrial, and Record Storage.

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    Consulting, Self Storage Management, Feasibility Studies

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    Marinas and RV Resorts

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Property Management vs Sterling Asset Management

A property manager is focused on property maintenance items, such as landscaping, leaks, paint, carpet, etc. They must also lease space and collect rent fees & payments. However, the property manager’s focus is usually on the “what is” rather than the “what it could be.” While an asset manager performs many of the same functions as a property manager, that’s where the similarities end.

The team at Sterling Management Consulting Services, Inc. seeks to always make sure your property is in a “ready to sell” state; that is the key difference to whether your property is an asset or liability. We continuously review your property’s income and expenses with sound budget development to keep the property in-line with your expected ROI (return-on-investment). This approach quickly identifies any necessary corrections to keep or improve those returns and the success of your business. Sterling manages your property with the “next owner” in mind. This keeps you, as owner, in the strongest position should you choose to liquidate the property or just enjoy the returns.

Since 1984 Sterling Management Consulting Services, Inc. has been providing professional commercial & self storage management services that:

  • Improve Company Operations
  • Increase Company Profits
  • Manage Company Reputation
  • Market Company Services
  • Enhance Company Image

We are more than just a self storage management company. Sterling Management is nationally known as the “distressed property experts”, offering a variety of services including local marketing, human resources management, software assistance, payroll, banking, budgeting, daily management, maintenance, yellow page marketing, team training, industry surveying and so much more.

If you are ready to improve the overall success and value of your property, contact Sterling Management today for a free consultation and business analysis.