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Recreational Property Management

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As a recreational property management company, Sterling Management has operated Chula Vista Marina and Chula Vista RV Resort since 1984.

Chula Vista Marina

Chula Vista Marina is a large property that consists of 550 slips, retail, and two restaurants; it was built in three phases, and all three phases filled to capacity within a year. Sterling's biggest challenge was that the marina is located on the south end of the bay, and south of the Coronado bridge. This means that boaters must spend 1-2 hours to get to the mouth of the harbor. That was a big obstacle for our company to overcome. Second, in 1984 Chula Vista was not a popular residential area for new families and had a bad reputation.

Through Sterling's creative marketing, management, city/county/and port networking to promote the South Bay, and aggressive advertising - and excellent customer service, 5-Star maintenance, and staff sales skills, Sterling found solutions created success despite its secondary location. Today we enjoy near full occupancy in a soft economic market.

Chula Vista RV Resort

Chula Vista RV Resort was built in 1983 when Sterling assumed management of the 237 space resort. The RV Resort industry is renowned for a long lead time to sustain stabilized occupancy (typically 10+ years). Sterling achieved an unheard of feat of stabilized occupancy in less than 5 years by executing a company plan to fit the special needs of the property.

Since then, the resort has maintained an annualized 73% occupancy in an industry where annualized occupancies are considered excellent at 60%. Chula Vista RV has maintained a coveted 5-Star Industry Rating for each of the 28 years of its operation.


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